Tuesday, February 15, 2011

JuStin BiBer FACT!

Favorite number is 6
 Has a crush is Beyonce
His favorite shoe brand is Supra
His 3 #1 hits are One Time, One Less Lonely Girl and now Baby
His favorite shows are So You Think You Can Dance and Smallville.
He is very close to his grandparents. He lived with them.
His super power wish is to fly
It only takes him 20 minutes to get ready in the morning
On his first date he spilled spaghetti on his date’s shirt
Has a 4.0 grade point average 1. Named the hottest star of 2009 by J-14 Magazine Named newcomer of the year by MuchMusic
Listed as one of the Top 10 YouTube stars of the decade
His middle name is Drew
Born March 1, 1994, He is a Pisces
Favorite Color is blue
He wears a lot of purple
Favorite food is spaghetti
Speaks fluent French

. His favorite vacation spot is the Bahamas
. He’s a really good beat boxer
. His favorite basketball team is Cleveland Cavaliers
His favorite song that he wrote is Down To Earth
He hates Ugg boots
. His favorite song is So Sick by Ne-Yo
. His dog’s name is Sam and is a boy Papillon.
. His favorite soda is Sprite

. He is homeschooled by a tutor
. Likes vitamin water
. Loves orange juice
. Has a half sister named Jazmyn & half brother names Jaxon
. He is a lefty
. He can play trumpet, guitar, piano, and drums
. He likes Captain Crunch with Berries
. He can count to ten in German
. Once asked out Rhianna and got rejected
. His best friends are Ryan butler, Chaz Somers and, Christian Beadles
. His shoe size is 7.5
. His moms name is Pattie
. Likes sour patch kids
. He broke his foot on stage during a song
. Was discovered on YouTube performing on stage

. He grew up in Canada
. Signed with Island Def Jam
. Likes playing soccer and basketball and hockey

. His favorite slang word is shawty
. Likes tacos
. Favorite pie is apple
. Likes to skateboard

. Friends with Usher
. Loves Tim Horton’s
. First CD came out November 17, 2009
. Favorite ice cream flavor is cotton candy
. His dads name is Jeremy
. He is 5 foot 3
. Nick names are J-Beebs, Bieber, and Beebs
. Justin racked up over 10,000,000 views on YouTube
. He was 13 when he got signed
. Currently living in Atlanta, Georgia

. Started drumming at age two
. Originally Justin put his videos on YouTube for friends and family
. Usher and Justin Timberlake both wanted to sign Justin. He chose Usher.
. Recorded most of his album in Atlanta.
. Justin’s dad plays guitar, and his mom sings.
. “One Time” isn’t directed to a specific girl, it’s directed at all girls.
. Said he would date a fan
. Expect his album out Summer-Fall ‘09

. His family travels with him.
. Won 2nd Place in Canada’s Stratford Idol.
. His Long Island mall appearance was cancelled when thousands showed
. Sang Lionel Richie’s part in the remake of We Are The World

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