Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Whats wrong with me?

What's wrong with me today?Your face was playing in my mind every second,every minute an every hour today.!I wait for ur call today but you didn't call me..Today,I was hearing all the slow songs..Melayan jiwa sekejap..Why you came to my life capital F??!!You make me crazy bitch!Now,I can't lie myself.
I MISS YOU ,stupid !!

I don't know how your feeling right now after loosing me.Are you happy?Ouh!!Yes you're happy right??I'm happy too! :D Happy + geram !Geram because you do this to me..Mainkan perasaan aku!I've got green eyes when I look at you with her and my jealous was not worst than before.I can control it if you were noticed it!I bet you didn't noticed right?Your eyes were always on her right?Not me anymore.Ok,I accepted it because you are not everybody to me.Just A FRIEND for now!I must forget you that you used to be my boyfiee in the past.You just a friend to me right now!!

#IMISSYOUDAMNMUCH right now!If I could turn the time,I'll not accept you since that day!!

Sorry for the broken English..

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